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Day Trading Course in India

Day Trading Academy offers flexible and the most effective intraday trading techniques in India. The academy not only focuses on academic growth, but it also aims to create awareness on technical analysis by providing highly competent and profitable stock market trading techniques training..

Day Trading Strategy Trainings

We ensure overall development of students by providing complete details on skills and techniques which are required to deal with the uncertainty trends and growing competition of stock market domain. The offered courses in this academy are meant to give an insight to the terms and conditions of day trading that will allow profit income and reduce loss to a minimal extent. One of the most significant things in day trading is that one needs to take quick decisions to ensure that the trading commences on time and closes with profit rather than a loss.

Who can enroll?

Unlike other colleges or institutions, Day Trading Academy India does not have any eligibility criteria for the joiners, which means that anyone and everyone can join us. The doors to the less explored world of the stock market are open for one and all. The stock trading institute is meant to develop a sense of trading skills, which will be beneficial for market dealing. The academic workshops are effective for traders, beginners, employees, businessmen, housewives, VRS person, stock brokers, and retail investor students and so on.

About the course offered at Day Trading Academy

The most vital component of this course is the educational workshop that aims to create wealth in day traders by providing knowledge on technical analysis, which helps to deal with the pressure of day trading quickly. Successful day trading techniques included in the course curriculum are as follows:


  • • Peak and Bottom Trading Technique
  • • Middle to Peak & Bottom Trading Technique


  • • Peak & Bottom line Price Trading Technique
  • • Hourly Trend Price Trading Technique (Middle trading for P&B)


• How to invest your money systematically?

All these techniques are explained in detail to the students to provide them with direct and practical exposure to the know-how of the trading methodology. Along with trading techniques, the academy also explains the features of trading methods to the students that includes: finding day trading stocks, trading method, money management and stop loss and target methods. The features of share market courses at Day Trading Academy are many, which are offered in an accessible online mode that offers tremendous flexibility. Like other institutes, one doesn't need to attend the classes physically on a daily basis. Even the workshops are conducted in an easy online mode, to meet the expectations and requirements of the tech savvy generation.

Well-researched and professional experts in the field of stock market impart the lessons, and this exposes the students to vast industrial experience with practical demos and charts. The main aim of the Day Trading Academy is to provide an insight into the technical aspects of the day trading process. People unawareness restrains them from this risky business, thus our academy along with some genius minds, has taken an initiative to generate viable awareness on the benefits and risks of the stock market.

Special features of the Day Trading Course

The course is based on the student convenience by imparting classes via online mode. The exclusive writings on the board and on screen are recorded, and the same lectures are forwarded to the students via pen drive. The total duration of each video is approximately 10-15 minutes, and the duration of the strategic course is around 5 days. The teachers ensure 90 percent accuracy. All kinds of necessary support are provided online to students. To ease the task of enrollment, one can even pay the fees online.
The students are expected to follow the expert guidelines thoroughly, to make sure that the knowledge is imparted appropriately. Student teacher interaction is also enabled to discuss any issues related to the academics. Regularity shall be appreciated for quick and reliable learning.

  • • We send recorded class Lectures through pen drive which is exclusively writing on board and recorded on screen
  • • Successful Day Trading Techniques Accuracy up to 90%
  • • Affordable Fee
  • • Useful for traders, investors, beginners, employees, businessmen, housewives, VRS person, stockbrokers, retail investor and students
  • • Easy to understand online course
  • • After joining the course online support will be provided
  • • Share Market Tutorial Videos, which shows techniques available through E-Drives
  • • Easy techniques with no confusion
  • • Mode of payment: Online

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